Rent is a special segment of the real estate market. The most dynamic. The most interesting. After all, renting an apartment or house is not just a real estate transaction. This is the creation, building and maintenance of a long-term relationship between the tenant and the owner. And here the professionalism of a realtor requires special knowledge in the field of psychology, the ability to build communications and find a balance of interests of tenants and homeowners.
After completing a rental transaction, its participants, in contrast to transactions of purchase and sale of housing, continue their relationship. And we help to make them comfortable. Psychologically comfortable – for this we help owners and tenants to find a common language. Comfortable financially – for this we select objects that best meet the needs of customers. Comfortable legally – for this we help to conclude an agreement in which the interests, rights and obligations of all parties to the transaction are balanced.
Our commission is 50% of the monthly payment.